ATTENTION...Are You A Successful Coach, Speaker or Woman of Influence...

Turn Your Message into a Movement

By This Time Next Year...
Write Your Book in 90 Days & Launch it to the World in True Red-Carpet Fashion Using my Message2Movement™ Formula So That You Can Scale Your Impact & 10x's Your Influence...
(Even If You Have No Idea Where to Begin Or What Your Book Would Be About)

By this time next year, you could...
Scale Your Impact, 10x's Your Influence & Turn Your Message Into a Movement

The word "author" is the root word of "authority". Writing your book will give you instant 
authority and increase your expertise.

Not only that, but the word "author" literally means "to increase". Writing your book INCREASES your visibility, credibility and authority which in turn, increases your REACH & your REVENUE!

This Program Is Perfect For the Woman Who:

  • Has always felt like she has a book inside of her but she hasn't known where to begin.
  • ​Is serious about PIVOTING into the next chapter of her life & business to scale her IMPACT & reach more people with her message.
  • She is ready to honor her sacred dream of being known as the authority in her field & 10x's her influence by this time next year.
  • ​Is READY to secure her legacy by showing up as the expert and increasing her visibility & credibility.
  • ​Is ready to use her story to shift the narrative on women & leadership.
  • ​Is ready to stop being distracted by the demands of every day life and make writing her book a priority.
  • ​Is ready to write her book AND launch her book in true "red-carpet" fashion...
  • Is ready to turn her message into a movement by this time next year...

This is the Moment You've Been Waiting For...

Have you ever said, “I’m going to write a book one day!” but then another year passes you by without being any closer to actually doing it?

I get it…life is hectic. Life gets busy. Whatever screams the loudest is what gets your attention…you sit down to write and end up starring at a blank page...

It’s not your fault! But it is your responsibility to write your book and make the impact that you were created to make…

My heart ached inside of me to write a book and change the world around me with my message, but the thought of it felt so overwhelming.
 That's when I discovered this little known strategy that almost no one else is doing...

I help women turn the chapters of their life into the chapters of their book so that they can turn their message into a movement and make a bigger impact. I can literally help you design your book in one day and have it completed 90 days later.

Writing your book and being able to 10x's your influence by this time next year is soooo doable and it all begins with saying YES to getting your book out of your heart and onto the pages of your book so that you can increase your reach and your revenue...and I'm here to help you do that!
81% of Americans feel they have a book inside of them but only about 
3% the population actually write their book. Out of that 3%, only 23% actually publish their book.

Imagine how great it would feel to finally write your book, become a published author & 
BECOME a part of that ELITE 3%. 

Why Writing Your Book is THE #1 THING You 
Need to Do RIGHT NOW...

What if I could help you scale your impact, 10x's your influence & turn your 
message into a movement by this time next year?

Great news! I CAN!

Imagine instantly having more VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & AUTHORITY with your tribe and impacting more people...increasing your REACH & your REVENUE! Can you imagine how great it would feel to finally have confidence in your own abilityto be a thought-leader? 

How great would it feel to end the overwhelm, hit your writing goals & actually become a published author after putting it on the backburner for so long...and then launch your book to the world in true "Red-Carpet Fashion"!

You probably already know this but writing a book is the fastest way to make a big impact on the world. Not only that, but the more you get your message out there, the more gratitude you feel for your journey which leads to a deep level of significance, fulfillment and true JOY

There is no greater fulfillment than taking your pain and turning into purpose by getting the message of your heart out to the world to inspire so many people that it turns into a movement. That's when you are truly making a difference...using your story to bring God glory and change more lives!

That's why I created...

Write2Influence™ is a 6 Month Writer's Intensive That Helps Successful Coaches, Speakers & Women of Influence Attract Their Tribe, Increase Their Impact & Turn Their Message Into a Movement by 
Writing Their Book in 90 Days

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up Today!

In Addition to

Weekly Check-in's to Stay on Track With Your Writing Schedule & 
the Motivation to Keep Writing


Get all-access to our Facebook Community of authors the PROCESS...just like YOU! Join a tribe of like-minded women who are finding their voice, telling their story and writing their book, just like you...all in a judgement-free zone to receive feedback and encouragement.


Leverage the power of group and private accountability support& feedback from Coach Angela and her team. Unlock breakthrough, understanding, actionable take-aways and the motivation to REALLY accomplish your book in 90 days.


Inside of our exclusive membership portal, you will have access to Coach Angela's signature systems, fast-action strategies and frameworks that set you up for MEGA-success.


You'll get the latest in neuro-science based mindset tips, tricks and hacks to obliterate mental roadblocks, writer's block and Imposter-Syndrome.

What's Included in the Write2Influence™ ?

  • Everything You Need to Write, Publish & Market Your Book with a Red-Carpet Launch So That You Can Speak to Sell & Turn Your Message Into a Movement
  • Weekly Zoom Check-ins for Coaching and Accountability 
  • Personal Feedback About Your Work 
  • All Access to Our Facebook Community of the PROCESS...Just Like YOU! 
  • Story Coaching to Turn the Chapters of Your Life Into the Chapters of Your Book 
  • Teachings, Trainings with Lifetime Access as well as Strategic Time-Blocking 
  • An Ever-Expanding Library of How-To's, Best Practices and Teachings to Keep You Focused With Tools to Go From Inspiration to Implementation When Writing Your Book, Launching Your Book & Promoting Your Book 
  • Mindset Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Obliterate Mental Roadblocks, Writer's Block and Imposter Syndrome 
  • Design Your Book in a Day with this One-on-One, In-Depth Message-Mapping Strategy Session with Coach Angela. From Title to Chapters to Word-Count, Set a Completion Date and Schedule Your Writing Days on Your Calendar
  • Exactly What You Need to Know to Launch Your Book Like a Celebrity in True Red-Carpet Fashion Incorporating the Power of Video
  • A System to Montize Your Message & Turn it Into a Movement By This Time Next Year
  • You will have a BLUEPRINT for monetizing your message and turning it into a movement by this time next year

Meet Your Mentor & Author Coach

 If we haven’t met yet, my name is Angela Aja. I'm a transformational life coach & author of a 
best-selling book, Summoned to Soar – Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman. I help successful coaches, speakers & women of influence attract their tribe, increase their influence & turn their message into a movement by writing their book in just 90 days...

Writing your book and being able to scale your imapct, 10x's your influence and turn your message into a movement by this time next year is soooo doable and it all begins with saying YES to getting your book out of your heart and onto the pages of your book...and I'm here to help you do that!

"I am now a published author, using my book to impact women's lives..."

"Angela, you came into my life at the anointed time. Thank you very much. I am truly walking in the destiny that has been set before me with boldness. I am now a published author, using my book to impact women's lives."
"  Vernita P., Author & Coach

"As a child I believed I could do anything..."

"As a child I believed I could do anything - that I was made for greatness. But then life happened and rocked that belief to it's core. I experienced setback after setback. Through this amazing experience, I reconnected with my feelings of greatness, identified my values and found my purpose again!—Silvia Gale, Certified Grief Specialist

"I was struggling trying to figure out how to write my book..."

"She helped me to define my story and get so much clarity about turning you mess into my message."
"  Meru M., Author & Wealth Accelerator Expert

"A piece of the bigger picture..."

"I know my book and journaling program are just the beginning of the impact of my purpose.  I am grateful for such a wonderful teacher and friend to guide me through this process PLUS the opportunity to link arms with other great women who are on the same journey as me.— Tanya R., Esthetician, Coach & Author
What If I Have Always Felt I Have a Book Inside of Me But I Don't Know Where to Begin?
Starting off with a bang, you'll get a 2-hour, strategic intensive & brainstorming session with Coach Angela so that you'll have everything you need to tell your story from a powerful perspective. You'll get access to Coach Angela's "Once-Upon-a-Time" Story Method and let the scripting begin. Once you write your story, it can be used as the first chapter of your book, the birthplace of your business of impact or your signature message, even if you have no idea where to begin. 
How Does Write2Influence™ Work?
Write2Influence™ is a writer's intensive and community that provides support, accountability and training. You'll meet with Coach Angela on a weekly Zoom Accountability Call to keep you on track. If you follow the strategic plan and complete the story coaching, it is possible to have your book written and ready for publishing in 90 days.

You'll be supported by Coach Angela and her friends through mindset trainings, hands-on workshop-style trainings and technical applications to help you go faster and further than if you were going it alone. You'll get access to a membership portal as well as a Facebook group of like-minded women who are finding their voice, telling their story and writing their books.

This program works for ANYONE who commits to the process, participates in the group and takes advantages of the various programs within the membership portal.
What if I Don't FInish My Book in 90 Days?
That's absolutley no problem. If you are committed to the process and stay on track, once you get started writing, you can finish your book in 90 days BUT...if you don't finish in 90 days, you can pay as you go and work at your own pace with all of the same benefits.
What If I'm Not Tech Savvy
The Write2Influence™ membership portal and weekly sessions are easily accessible on Facebook or Zoom and the course work is housed inside of an on-line membership portal that you will have lifetime access to. Even if you are not technigolical savvy, Coach Angela and her team of experts will make sure you get set up and ready to go. You're not in this alone.  

This process is so DOABLE and will leave you feeling a great sense of accomlishment.
What are Angela's professional qualifications?
Angela is an Ordained Minister with a 40-year  ministry background, a Certified Life Coach and the best-selling author of Summoned to Soar - Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman. She is a super-supporter of women who feel the call to rise up and soar to new heights; coaching over 1,000 hours, mentoring women to be leaders in their own lives, organizations and communities. She is a mother of four and self-proclaimed "Glammaw" of four precious grand-babies. You can check her out here:   
I am Ready to Begin...What Do I Do Next?
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