ATTENTION...Are You A Successful Coach, Speaker or Woman of Influence...

Grow Your Business, 10x's Your Influence  & 
Turn Your Message into a Movement

By Writing a Book in 90 Days & Launching it to the World in 
True Red-Carpet Fashion Even If You Have No Idea Where to Begin 
Or What Your Book Would Be About

"I am now a published author, using my book to impact women's lives..."

"Angela came into my life at the anointed time. One "Book Brainstorm" Call was all it took to change my life. I am truly walking in the destiny that has been set before me with boldness. I am now a published author, using my book to impact women's lives through speaking and coaching."
"  Vernita P., Author & Coach

This Book Brainstorm is PERFECT For the Woman Who:

  • Has always felt like she has a book inside of her but she hasn't known where to begin.
  • Has already turned her extracted the message out of the messiest moments of her life and she's ready turn her message to changes the world.
  • Feels ready to honor her sacred dream of being known as the expert in her field.
  • ​Is READY to secure her legacy by showing up as a crebile source of inspiration & motivation for other women to look up to.
  • ​Is ready to use her story to shift the narrative on women & leadership.
  • ​Is ready to stop being distracted by the demands of every day life and make writing her book a priority.
  • ​Is ready to write her book AND launch her book in true "red-carpet" fashion...
  • Is ready to turn her message into a movement by this time next year...
81% of Americans feel they have a book inside of them but only about 
3% the population actually write their book. Out of that 3%, only 23% actually publish their book.

Imagine how great it would feel to finally write your book, become a published author & 
BECOME a part of that ELITE 3%. 
Imagine instantly having more VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & AUTHORITY with your tribe and impacting more people...increasing your REACH & your REVENUE! Can you imagine how great it would feel to finally have confidence in your own abilityto be a thought-leader? 

How great would it feel to actually become a published author, launch your book to the world in true "Red-Carpet Fashion"! and then reach more people with your message...

                                  You probably already know this but writing a book is the fastest                                                                    way to grow your business and scale your influence. Not only that,                                                    but the more you get your message out there, the more 
significance, fulfillment & true joy you feel.


There is no greater fulfillment than taking your pain and turning into purpose, using your story to bring 
God glory & change more lives!

This is the Moment You've Been Waiting For...

The word "author" is the root word of "authority". Writing your book will give you instant  authority and increase your expertise. Not only that, but the word "author" literally 
means "to increase"

If we haven't met yet, my name is Angela Aja. I'm a transformational life coach, ordained minister and 
best-selling author. 


Writing my book INCREASED my visibility, credibility and authority which in turn, increased my REACH & my REVENUE

Along the way, I discovered a unique way of helping women turn the chapters of their lives into the chapters of their book so that they can use their book to be a thought-leader in their field and change more lives.

Let's jump on the phone & I'll show you what's possible...
Let's brainstorm your book...EVEN IF you have no idea what your book would be about! I can't wait to talk to you!

"A piece of the bigger picture..."

"I know my book and journaling program are just the beginning of the impact of my purpose.  Before a call with Angela, I had NO IDEA how I would be able to write a book...I am grateful for such a wonderful teacher and coach who guided me through this process PLUS the opportunity to link arms with other great women who are on the same journey as me.— Tanya R., Esthetician, Coach & Author

"I was struggling trying to figure out how to write my book..."

"Angela helped me to define my story, layout the chapters of my book and get so much clarity about turning you mess into my message."
"  Meru M., Author & Wealth Accelerator Expert


What Will I Walk Away With From a "Book Brainstorm"?

As if walking away with soul-level clarity wasn't enough, you will have a plan so that you can move forward in writing a book, with or without the help of Coach Angela. 

What Happens During a "Book Brainstorm"?

Coach Angela will call you at the phone number you provided at the time that you selected. Your "book Brainstorm" will be accomplished over the phone or Zoom. 

Once you choose the date and time for your call, you will answer a questionnaire so that Coach Angela can have a better understanding about where you are at and where you are wanting to go. Once you are on the call, you can ask questions and share your heart. You will walk away with massive clarity about how to move forward with writing a book.

How Should I Prepare For a "Book Brainstorm"?

Make sure you've answered the questionnaire when scheduling th appointment. Bring paper and pen so that you don't miss a thing. Show up, come with an open heart and pray over our time together. Coach Angela will guide you through a powerful conversation so that you don't have to worry about a thing. 

What If I Can't Make the Call?

Coach Angela is a mom and grandma so she understands that life happens. If you can't make the call, you can reschedule and a 24-hour notice would be appreciated. Her request, however is that if you schedlue a call to please be on the call with pen and paper available. 

How Long is a "Book Brainstorm"?

A "Book Brainstorm" is between 45 minutes and an hour. Coach Angela makes it her goal to connect with you right away so that she can really understand where you are and where you want to go so that she can help you come up with a plan to get there. You can share your heart and ask questions throughout the call.

"As a child I believed I could do anything..."

...that I was made for greatness. But then life happened and rocked that belief to it's core. I experienced setback after setback. Through this amazing experience, I reconnected with my feelings of greatness, identified my values and found my purpose again!—Silvia Gale, Certified Grief Specialist
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